Review #5 | Otaku’s Restaurant | ☆☆☆☆/5


Otaku’s Restaurant. A semi-new group dedicated to Asian culture. There aren’t many groups out there like this, which makes it unique. It’s not the first but it certainly is something to look into.

My experience was short-lived per say. I joined in and was immediately greeted with lag. To make sure this wasn’t my doing I made sure my connection was strong and that my router was fine. After dealing with the lag I went into the restaurant itself. I must say, this group took it’s time making this restaurant as its detail was impeccable. The exterior looked as though it took a careful hand to craft while the inside looked as it took just as much time to create.

After admiring this groups design I finally ordered, and I must say this was one of the more worse experiences. I was talking to a waiter who I’ll just call waiter X to keep from them losing their job or creating conflict. waiter X took long enough to get the items to me as I had to wait about 6-7 minutes after ordering. I would overlook this as it’s probably just a bad day, but what came next astonished me. As waiter X brought me my food I was then again greeted by more lag (Very slight) and a horrendous attitude from the waiter himself.

Here are my ratings for this group.

  • Overall Respect: 6/10
  • Design: 10/10
  • Welcome Atmosphere: 6.5/10
  • Lag: 4/10
Disclaimer: These are the ratings of my own experience during my visit. I do not and cannot promise you’ll have similar experiences.


Overall I’d say this was a good visit besides the few encounters with the lag and the “rude” waiter. Thanks for the chance to review this group. Overall I review this group a 4 out of 5 stars. Maybe in the future, I’ll revisit and re-evaluate this fine establishment.


Written and Revised by: TimeValuez, Owner and Founder of Group Reviews


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