Review #4 Hidden Developers |☆☆☆☆☆/5

Hidden Developers

Hidden Developers. A glamorous group here in the Roblox community known by many, and loved by all. This group, in particular, is a great starting place for any novice Developers, Youtubers, Streamers or just anyone who wants to learn something new in Roblox. I’ve been in Hidden Developers for a solid year now and I must say. This is an amazing group. I started out with no one to help me but over time the people in Hidden Developers fixed that. I gained new friends and even grew larger in the community.

Hidden Developers is a place of comfort and good people. HeadlessHorror, Zach, and Esthania are all great people and are the ones who help manage this large group. They also helped me to learn new things and understand the way Roblox communities work. Here are my personal ratings.

  • Supporter Satisfaction: 10/10
  • Activity: 8/10
  • Kindness and Understanding: 10/10
  • Willingness to Help: 9/10
  • Overall respect towards others: 9/10
Disclaimer: These ratings are all of my own experience over my time reviewing this group. I cannot promise the same experiences.

I highly approve of this group and what it does for the community. Good job Hidden Developers! You earned this rating. I rate Hidden Developers an astounding 5 out of 5 stars.


Written and Revised by: TimeValuez, Owner and Founder of Group Reviews


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3 comments on “Review #4 Hidden Developers |☆☆☆☆☆/5

  1. I am in the group myself, I believe that they are one of the best developers groups in the whole roblox community (of course in my opinion)! I found out about this group through Scripth’s profile. Everything in this review is perfect.


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  2. Of course! Hidden Developers is one of my favourite Groups of all time. I actually created my own Group Reuleaux heavily based off of how HD runs. Don’t worry, Headless, I’m not stealing your thunder, lmao. It’s got 50+ members, looking to grow after my small Development Team releases our first Game, but I’m here to review HD not advertise myself. Anyhow, HD is amazing, I love that Headless is in Discord and Survivor all the time, I’ve had the chance to interact with him, and that’s all I need to know to be satisfied with its activity. There have been some mixups back when its Discord had a Filtering Bot that never worked, I’d say things like “smart-ass” not realising they filter “ass”, and was -warned for bypassing the filter. A few Mods have been less… consumer-friendly, but overall it’s an amazing Group, and I agree, 5/5. I’ve found many Developers that I’ve worked for and that have worked for me, mostly from HD.

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