Review #3 Shark River Hills High School | ☆☆☆☆☆/5


Shark River Hills High School, A place of excellence and maturity. Some of you may be asking. “But Time, you just reviewed a school yesterday!”. Yeah, I get that but I like to do my reviews in seasons per say. This is the 2nd installment of the School review in Group Reviews. Over the past two days, I’ve been reviewing Shark River Hills High School. So far I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the Principal himself, Julius1020. Shark River Hills High School or SRHHS for short is an amazing place for people to get to know each other and socialize.

I personally have had great experiences with this community in and out of their discord and group. It might not be the biggest school out there, but that doesn’t stop its staff from moving forward and progressing with its community. Here are my personal ratings.

I cannot promise that these ratings will be the same with you as these are from my personal experience.
  • Student Satisfaction: 8/10
  • Staff Understanding: 10/10
  • Overall Respect: 10/10
  • Staff & Student Communication: 7/10 (Some students aren’t in the discord making communication difficult)
  • Lag: Undetermined

Overall, I believe this was a great experience. The staff and people were welcoming and I’ve since enjoyed my time with this community. I rate this group 5/5 stars. Good job SRHHS, you’ve earned this rating.


Written and Revised by: TimeValuez, Owner and Founder of Group Reviews


Want to be featured in a review or want your group reviewed? DM TimeValuez on discord. TimeValuez#9700


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