Review #2 Bloxport Middle School | ☆☆☆☆/5



Bloxport Middle School, a place of understanding and professionalism. Why review this school, in particular, you may ask? Well for a few reasons actually my dear readers! First off, I’ve been looking for something besides a cafe to review and low and behold after going from school to school Bloxport Middle School was the first to welcome me with open arms.

All other schools pushed me away or told me not to bother them as they didn’t care about people not involved in their schools. I personally believed this was very rude. Bloxport, on the other hand, was very welcoming especially their Principal, Kayyvern. She was the one who welcomed me the most and helped me understand her school. So to the reviewing part. These rates are all my own and you may experience differently.

  • Student Satisfaction: 8/10
  • Staff Understanding: 9/10
  • Overall Respect: 7/10
  • Staff & Student Communication: 9/10 (Some students were shy)
  • Lag: 7/10

Overall this was a great experience and I highly recommend joining this wonderful community. Though as I said before, this was my experience and I can’t promise yours will be as great as mine. Overall I would rate this group a 4/5 Stars. Good work Bloxport Middle School you earned this rating.

Revision: Overall Respect downed from 10/10 to 7/10 due to current experiences with staff. Changed Star count from 5/5 to 4/5.


Written and Revised by: TimeValuez, Owner and Founder of Group Reviews


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